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Real Estate Law A Professional Law Firm specializing in business, contracts, estate planning, and real estate law. http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law Mon, 22 Jan 2018 10:03:13 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb SUMMARY OF 2016 NEW REAL ESTATE LAWS http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/86-summary-of-2016-new-real-estate-laws http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/86-summary-of-2016-new-real-estate-laws AB 345 ADDITIONAL COURSE FOR BROKERS:  This new law requires real estate brokers, as part of the broker’s 45 hours of continuing education, to successfully complete a 3 hour course in the Management of Offices and Supervision of licensed activities when renewing his or her license for the first time. 


$12.       SB 560 PERSONAL INFORMATION:  This law requires a licensing board, including the Bureau of Real Estate, to provide personal information regarding licensees upon request to the Employment Development Department (EDD), which administers the unemployment compensation program. 2) Additionally, this law authorizes the enforcement division of the Contractors’ State License Board (CSLB) to enforce the workers compensation laws against unlicensed contractors.


$13.       SB 474 CREDIT BID EXEMPTION IN AUCTIONELIMINATED:  This law eliminates the exception for credit bids on behalf of the lien holder from the “no-shill” bidding law. C.A.R. sponsored legislation.  In 2014, C.A.R. successfully sponsored AB 2039 which, among other things, prohibited companies from using "shill bids" to drive up the price of the home being auctioned. Shill bids are bids where the person or entity making the bid has no intention of actually purchasing the home at the auction. 

$14.       SB 761  ADVERTISING IN Airbnb:   This law requires a “hosting platform” to warn a tenant that subletting the tenant’s residence may violate his/her lease and could result in eviction.


$15.       SB 146  TEAM NAMES:   Revision to Team Name law effective July 16, 2015. Clarified issues as follows: Team Names are not fictitious names (DBAs) and need not be filed at a county recorder; only one member of the team need include their CalBRE license number and name in advertising materials; broker identity means the name that the broker generally uses; and the broker license number must appear in any team name (or agent owned DBA) advertising. C.A.R. sponsored legislation.


$16.       SB 647 THRESHOLD BROKERS – THOSE THAT TYPICALLY ARRANGE LOANS:  This law makes various changes to the rules governing threshold brokers including: Adding a category of properties they are permitted to solicit; Changing the timing of delivery of the investor questionnaire; Exempting threshold brokers from having to update annual questionnaires; and Removing certain reporting requirements to the Department of Business Oversight for those relying on specified securities qualification exemptions.

attykenavelino@gmail.com (Administrator) Real Estate Transactions Mon, 25 Apr 2016 00:29:03 +0000
Real Estate Licensee Violations http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/57-real-estate-violations/85-real-estate-licensee-violations http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/57-real-estate-violations/85-real-estate-licensee-violations CALIFORNIA BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE (The Real Estate Law)

480(a)(3) Performance of act which would have been grounds for disciplinary action

490 Substantially related criminal conviction

10130 Acting without license

10137 Unlawful employment or payment of compensation

10145 Trust fund handling

10145(a) Trust fund handling

10145(d) Violation of interest bearing trust account requirements

10145(c) Failure by salesperson to deliver trust funds to broker

10148 Failure to retain records and make available for inspection

10159.2 Failure by designated officer to supervise licensed acts of corporation

10159.5 Failure to obtain license with fictitious business name

10160 Failure to maintain salesperson licenses in possession of broker

10161.8 Failure of broker to notify Commissioner of salesperson employment

10162 Failure to maintain a place of business

10165 Failure to comply with specified B&P code sections

10176(a) Making any substantial misrepresentation

10176(b) Making false promise

10176(c) Continued & flagrant course of misrepresentations through salespersons

10176(d) Failure to disclose dual agency

10176(e) Commingling trust funds with brokers funds

10176(f) Exclusive listing agreements without definite termination date

10176(g) Secret profit or undisclosed compensation

10176(h) Secret profit under option agreement

10176(i) Fraud or dishonest dealing in licensed capacity

10177(a) Procuring a real estate license by misrepresentation or material false statement

10177(b) Conviction of crime

10177(c) False advertisement

10177(d) Violation of real estate law or regulations

10177(e) Willfully using term “Realtor” or any trade name or insignia of membership in any real estate organization of which licensee is not a member

10177(f) Conduct that would have warranted denial of a license

10177(g) Negligence or incompetence in performing licensed acts

10177(h) Failure to supervise salespersons or licensed acts of corporation

10177(i) Improper use of governmental employment giving access to confidential records

10177(j) Fraud or dishonest dealing as principal

10177(k) Violation of restricted license condition

10177.5 Civil fraud judgment based on licensed acts

10231.2 Failure to give self-dealing notice

10234 Failure by broker negotiating mortgage loan to record or cause trust deed to be recorded

10235.5 Lender purchaser disclosure violation

10238(1) Failure of RPS dealer to file annual report

10238(a) Failure of broker to notify Commissioner within 30 days of 1st mortgage transaction or of any material change in required notice

10238(d) Illegal sale of promotional notes

10238(f) Violation of restriction to sell notes in excess of 10 to qualified persons

10238(g) Sale of notes with illegal terms

10240 Failure to provide mortgage loan disclosure statement

10241 Improper mortgage loan disclosure statement

11022 False advertising in subdivision sales


2715 Licensee’s failure to maintain current business or mailing address with DRE

2725 Failure of broker to exercise reasonable supervision over the activities of his or her salespersons

2726 Failure to have broker-salesperson agreements

2731 Unauthorized use of fictitious business name

2740 Performing licensed acts by corporation without a designated officer

2753 Broker’s failure to retain salesperson’s license at main office or return license at termination of employment

2831 Failure to keep proper trust fund records

2831.1 Inadequate separate trust fund beneficiary records

2831.2 Failure to reconcile trust account

2832 Failure to comply with trust fund handling provisions

2832(a) Failure of broker to place trust funds into hands of owner, into neutral escrow depository or trust fund account within three business days of receipt

2832(d) Failure of broker holding trust funds contingent on offer of acceptance to properly place funds within three days of acceptance

2832(e) Failure of broker acting as escrow holder to deposit trust funds in trust account by next business day following receipt

2832.1 Failure to obtain permission to reduce trust fund balance in a multiple beneficiary account

2834 Trust account withdrawals by unauthorized or unbonded person

2835 Retention of broker funds in trust accounts

2840 Failure to give approved borrower disclosure

2950 Violation of broker-controlled escrow requirements

2950(d) Failure of broker handling escrows to maintain records and accounts

2950(h) Failure to disclose interest in the agency holding the escrow

2951 Improper record keeping for broker handled escrows

attykenavelino@gmail.com (Administrator) Real Estate Violations Mon, 24 Jun 2013 03:26:06 +0000
2013 SUMMARY OF NEW REAL ESTATE LAWS http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/84-2013-new-real-estate-laws http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/84-2013-new-real-estate-laws
  • AB 1718:  New Real Estate Broker Rules: A Four (4) year degree only accounts if one majored in Real Estate.  If one had a minor in Real Estate, then the minor will be equivalent to two (2) years experience.
  • SB 875:  Additional Screening for Licensees:  (1) Deny applicant by notice without having to file a formal statement of issues; (2) Require new fingerprints to those with restriction removed or penalty reduced; and (3) Cheaters are barred for three (3) years.
  • AB 2314:  Fines for vacant property can be as high as $1,000.00 per day.
  • SB 1191:  Landlord must give tenant a Notice of Default (NOD) or tenant may terminate lease and recover all prepaid rent plus one month rent or twice the actual damage whichever is greater.
  • AB 2610:  Existing law, give tenant 60 days to terminate.  Beginning 3/01/2013, give 90 days after sale to terminate.
  • AB 1599:  Notice of Default (NOD) or Notice of Trustee's Sale (NOTS) and in four (4) other languages beginning April 1, 2013.
  • SB 1055:  Security Deposit cannot only be in cash.  Landlord must give other options for the payment of the Security Deposit like check, electronic Transfer, etc.
  • SB 825:  Foreclosure of Residential Real Property:  In the Eviction Documents, the document must include Tenant's Rights and Responsibilities.
  • AB 278:  Prohibit Dual Tracking:  Servicers must assign a single point of contact for a borrower upon borrower's written request.  Allows for Civil Penalties if Servicer's violate this law.
  • AB 1950:  Existing Law that is now permanent:  Real Estate Agents and Attorneys cannot receive advanced fees for Loan Modifications.
  • ]]>
    attykenavelino@gmail.com (Administrator) Real Estate Transactions Sun, 23 Jun 2013 19:53:50 +0000
    NEW LAW ON SHORT SALE DEFICIENCY - CCP SECTION 580e http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/76-new-law-on-short-sale-deficiency-ccp-section-580e http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/76-new-law-on-short-sale-deficiency-ccp-section-580e NEW LAW ON SHORTSALE DEFICIENCY - CCP Section 580e


    On July 15, 2011, the new law basically prohibits mortgage lender from collecting deficiency or obtaining a deficiency judgment for a short sale involving a loan secured by a one (1) to four (4) unit residential unit property.  The new law also generally prohibits a lender from requiring a borrower to pay any additional compensation, aside from proceeds from the sale, in exchange for a short sale approval.  This law applies to first and second deeds of trusts and other junior trust deeds.  

    attykenavelino@gmail.com (Administrator) Real Estate Transactions Wed, 21 Sep 2011 18:23:23 +0000
    Real Estate News http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/75-administrator http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/75-administrator attykenavelino@gmail.com (Administrator) Real Estate Transactions Fri, 11 Feb 2011 07:38:20 +0000 New Real Estate Laws for 2011 http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/72-administrator http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/72-administrator New California Real Estate Laws for 2011 
    The recent end of the 2009-10 legislative session has brought the end of short sale deficiency judgments for first loans, and other new laws affecting REALTORS® and their clients.  To view the full text of the following bills, go to www.leginfo.ca.gov.  The Source of this information is from the California Association of Realtors.

    attykenavelino@gmail.com (Administrator) Real Estate Transactions Wed, 06 Oct 2010 23:13:51 +0000
    Commercial Real Estate Purchase Checklist http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/44-commercial-leases/55-commercial-real-estate-purchase-checklist http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/44-commercial-leases/55-commercial-real-estate-purchase-checklist COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE CHECKLIST     DESCRIPTION YES/NO  

    1.  Zoning/Planning/General Development Policies



    2.  Site Issues



    3.  Building Code/Development Issues



    4.  Existing Structure Issues



    5.  Transactional/Business Issues



    6.  Financial Issues



    7.  Market Issues



    8.  Financial Issues







    What jurisdiction is the development? Are there annexation Plans? What is current zoning? What does City or County want there? Exactly what will City/County allow? Is there a sunset clause? Amortization or Current Use? Is current Use Legal? Can Use be changed? If can be changed, to what? What zoning is needed? What is the process? Can expansion and/or renovation be made? What is the rezoning process? Will the timing work? What is likelihood of rezoning? Are there local issues such as politics, neighbors, action groups? Are there any conditioned zoning requirements? What is the permit process? What are the buffer requirements? Are sizes for berns specificed? Are there any moratoriums in place or expected? What is the subdivision process? Is there a sign ordinance? What signage is allowed? How are permits handled? Process, time and costs? What triggers a permit? What laws, acts, local ordinances or policies affect this property? Does the Costal Area Management (CMA) apply? Does the Mountain Ridge Act (MRA) apply? What are the watershed regulations? What are the wetlands rules? What are the lake setback regulations? Are there any smart growth policies? Any general development policies in place? Like measure B? Property in flood plain or flood ridge? How current is flood maps? 2.  SITE ISSUES     Exact size? Exact shape? Surveys available? Site sold off since last survey? Any encroachments? Anything look like it may encroach? What types of survey needed?      - Boundary?      - Location?      - Topography?      - Subdivision?      - Construction? Any Easements?      - Easements on survey      - can easements be moved      What is the process, time & cost involved to chanage?      How easements affects the land?      Types of Easements?          - Power          - Gas          - Telecommunications          - Water          - Sewer        - Cable TV        - Municipal & Public        - Access        - Greenery        - Private access?        - Easement recorded?        - Easements not recorded but suspected or visible Any Right of Way    - Recorded    - Not recorded but? Transitional Right of Way exists? Additional land taking for flope of road, bridge, etc. Local &/or State transit issues? - Transit overlay zoning or additional requirements - Road improvements program - Elimination of median custs planned? Environmental Issues Exists? - Environmental studies completed? When? - Wetlands Watershed - Local issues - Drainage Policies - Looked at property after hard rain? Legal & Title Issues? - Title Policy available - When was it last updated - Exceptions (Sch. B) - Verified? - Legal description - legal access verified - deed restrictions - Use restrictions Do Subdivions issues exist? - setbacks - Approvals needed - from when? - Restrictions Covenants (CCRs) - POA/HOA - pty Owner's Ass'n Details - Enforcable? - Violated? - Architectural Review Committees        Who?        How?        When?        Why?        What? Problems with Taxing Authorities    - Back taxes paid    - Assessment amt & rate - City - County - School district - Utility - special tax disctrict - Special Tax assessment Tax Assessed Policies & Methods - Protest procedures - Next valuations - what is the "word" on the street Anyone interviewed seller for property history? Who provides for services? Additional costs? - Police - Fire - emergency - garbage - water - sewer - electricity - gas - cable - dsl - wireless internet - Phone - VOIP Minial Rights Issues? Is Visibility concern? Anyone announced any changes 3.  BUILDING CODE/ DEVELOPMENT ISSUES     Which building code used? Local process when building, repairing or renovating Any moratoriums in place Any buffer requirements Change of Use Permit required Subdivision Regulations - What triggers then - What is the process, timing and costs Submission required Political and local issues Utilities nearby - Availability - Cost? - Process? - Timetable? - Political issues? - anyone can share installation costs?        Fed, state, county, city, smud, pg&e - Reimbursable to installer (developer) What utilities needed? - Power - water - cable to - telecommunications - wireless service? For everyone - Gas - Cable, DSL - VOIP Moratoriums Soils Suitable - Test results - Soils Suitablity analysis - Compaction? Build 5 Story building - Percolation? - Drainage? - Costs to fix any problem - Rock reported in Area? What vegetation on property? - Existing vs. desired - Process & permits Local Issues - "Dry" counties or towns - can't sell alcohol or some alcohol      - important to restaurants How much of site is usable or buildable? Greenspace required? Height Limitations in Place View corridors required? Impervious Area limitations, if any What Surrounding Properties Look Like? Road/Roads a consideration? - Capacty? - Are accel/decel lanes required - Turning lanes required - Sidewalk requirement, if any Endangered/protected species in area 4.  EXISTING STRUCTURE ISSUES     Existing Structure Compliance Problems Copies of original permits available Permits in place for alterations Compliant with ADA Fire Code issues Everything Comply with current Bldg Codes? - anything nonconforming - amortization period - senset clause - what will trigger bringing property to compliance - Signage legal - what happens when ownership changes? Ok to new owners - What happens when USE changes? Ok to new owners Proper permit in place for tenant's use Any health issues Any environmental issues Must tenant apporve sale any tenant has 1st right of refusal Any tenant has Option to purchase Condition of Exterior? Parking Lots    - ADA compliant - Meet code - zoning - Big Enough - Pavement? - Striping - needs paint? Right place? - Traffic patterns - Site entrance - Loading areas - Dumpster pad/trash areas Signage Landscaping Outside irrigation Sidewalks Curb Gutter Detection & Detention Fenced Safety hazards Health issues Lighting Utilities visible Location of fire hydrants Who is responsible for maintenance? - Roof      type      condition      warranty    - Bldg Exterior (side)      - Glass      - Windows      - Flashing      - Curtain wall      - Parapet      - Foundation      - Soofit vents      - Gutter & downspourts Bilding entrance - ADA compliant - Thresholds - Doors - Walk_off Matts - Locks - Door handle - Security System - Smoking urus - Alarms      - Fire      - Theft      - Other Building Interior - Lighting - emerging lighting - generator - ambient lighting - bulbs & grid condition - Std size fixtures that are easily replaced - Ceiling        grid        panels          size, type, easily replaced - Sign of leaks - Plenum Area      Overhead sprinkling, grills, ducts, vents Signs of Damages Flooring - Carpet Condition - Hardwood - Vynil - Stone - Other Elevators - Lst inspected - type - speed - capacity - maintenance K expiration - Condition Exterior Doors & Lobby Area - Stairs - Signage legal - Treads      Lights      Doors Fire Extinguishers - # s required - Location - Charge Building Signage Condition - ADA compliant - Braile - Tenant Signage - Lobby - Directionals - Emergency Restrooms - Location - Adequate number of bathrooms - Condition - Sinks - commodes - hardware - floor dancing - mirrors - Paper towel holders - Toillette paper holders - Stalls - ADA compliant - signs - evidence of plumbing leaks Mechanical Rooms - What is in it - Who has access Telecommunications Room - condition - Who has access - policies - sufficient for tech needs Maintenance Shop - Janitor closets - What is in it - Who has access Storage Area - What is stored - Adequte inventory of long lead-time items Pay phones - ADA compliant Tenant Spaces - upfitting financed - fixtures financed - Compliant w/building, zoning and ADA Common Areas Shared by Tenants - mail - storage - concession - kitchen - breakroom - other Attic - Signs of asbestos - Signs of pests - Insulation Lobby - Appearance - finishes - directions - furniture Mechanical systems - HVAC      controls      system      Condition      Maintenance Records      Warranty      Expiration of maintenance Contracts 5.  Transaction /Business Issues     Any of these Approvals needed to Close the Sale - Deed restriction - 1st Right of Refusal - Confirm true ownership - confirm seller's right to contract Lis pendens Red flags Rumours of any kind about the property Existing loan on property - Prepayable - Prepayment penalty - Terms - Costs - Assumable - Appraisal? Or available - Appraisal required - Insurance issues 6.  FINANCIAL ISSUES     Existing loans Unrecorded leases ProFormas - Current - Feasible Lease Audit Taken - Tenant's right to cancel - Tenant's right to sublet or assign - Credit of major tenants - Right to go dark - Operating hours - Continuous operation - Noncompete clause (tenants and/or landlord) - Lord right to cancel - Enforcement (or lack of) lease provisions Any Reimbursibles - What - When - How - Why - Who Special Tenant Requirements exists - parking - HVAC - Metering - Cleaning - Transit - Right of 1st Refusal - Expenxe stops - Assignable leases - Estoppel reuired? Available - Expenses Anticipated      Contracts        Expiration        in whose names Square Footage Confirmed - Space Measured - Tenant's leases say? 7.  MARKET ISSUES     What is market position of subject proerty - Possibility of repositioning Market position of surrond properties - current uses - "Word on the street" - Zoning Market Competition - Recent comparables - Status of comparables What is local Economy Like? - Current status & proposed changes - Major industries - government - Financial issues - Policits: CSUS, liberal, conservative, growth, - Local issues - growth, stop growth, more housing Construction of the Roads - Current - Planned - New roads - Traffic Count - Major Corridor Interviewed the following with an expert? - Owner - Old timers in the area - Adjacent owner - Planning, zoning, building code officers - Elected officials - Tenants What are the Demographics? - Current - projections - trade area Other Developments in Area Location of Amenities - Restaurants - Residentials - Hospitals - Shopping - Education - Arts 8.  PERSONAL ISUES     Any personal issues with buyer or seller? - Reputation - Motivation Broker involved - reputation - motivation Does buyer or seller own other properties - next door - close - restrictions Are there any warranties & indemnifications? - financial stability - Can buyer and seller close - Willingness to creatively structure If Seller? - When acquired property - Price and terms - Why is seller selling? If Buyer? - What recent property buyer bought? - Price & terms - When Acquired? ]]>
    attykenavelino@gmail.com (Administrator) Commercial Real Estate Purchase Wed, 15 Sep 2010 07:09:58 +0000
    Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leases http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/45-commercial-real-estate-leases/54-guide-to-commercial-real-estate-leases http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/45-commercial-real-estate-leases/54-guide-to-commercial-real-estate-leases CHECKLIST FOR COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LEASES

     Tenant’s Requirement

      1. Location to their customers;
      2. Convenience – easy in and easy out for employees and customers
      3. Visibility – can the store be easily seen in enough time to turn in
      4. Other Trends in Same Area – will their customers be my customers?
      5. Competition – some is good; too much is bad but a little is usually good
      6. Taxing Authority
      7. Incentives – tax, credit, loans, grants
      8. City or County Boundaries
      9. Local Laws & Ordinances that may affect sales or store operation

    10.  Traffic Patterns & Stop Lights

    11.  AM or PM Side of the Road


    1. Land
      1. Air Rights? What kind?
    • Can you build higher?
    • Can you put a satellite?
    • Can you put a billboard?
    • Can you put a Marquee Board, Video Sign, Etc.


    1. Highest & Best Use
    2. Subsurface Rights?
    3. Surface Rights?
    4. Water Rights?
    5. Encroachment Issues?
    6. Liens?
    7. Easements?
    8. Zoning?

    10.  Title? How held?

    11.  Topography? Benefit tenants?

    12.  Compaction? Enough to build a tall building

    13.  Billboard Rights?

    14.  Cell Tower Rights?

    15.  Government Benefits?

    • Low interest loans
    • Grants
    • Tax credits
    • Historical preservations (credits)
    • Incentives

    16.  Wetland Protection

    17.  Any Environmental Issues

    • Air quality
    • Water pollution/contamination
    • Flooding
    • Erosion
    • Noise
    • Wildlife Endangerment
    • Sea life termination
    • Estuary Contamination
    • Contamination Clean Up Liability
    • Asbestos
    • Lead paint, pipes, soldering
    • Formaldehyde
    • Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI)
    • Radon
    • Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)
    • Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
    • Hazardous Waste: Storage & Disposal
    • Well Poisoning
    • Polychlorniated Biphenyls (PCBs)


    1. Attributes
      1. Great Visibility?
      2. On Bus Line?
      3. On going home side of road?
      4. Fairly flat site
      5. In a foreign trade zone


    1. Existing Contracts w/Commercial Tenants
      1. Existing lease contracts?
      2. Common Area Maintenance (CAM)?
      3. Confidentiality Agreements?

    -         Sign with tenants to buy

    1. Do Due Diligence?
    2. Estoppel Certificates
    3. Letter of Intent (LOI)
    4. Options
    5. Stand Still Agreement?

    -         Seller cannot market or negated with other Buyers

    1. Common Areas

    10.  Security Deposits

    11.  Costs Paid by Landlord or Tenant – Who pays?

    • Utilities
    • Taxes
    • Insurance
    • Maintenance
    • Landscaping
    • Signage
    • Trash Collection
    • Janitorial


    12.  Other Landlord/Tenant Issues

    • Assignment/Subletting
    • Default
    • Remedies on Default
    • Landlord’s Right of Entry
    • Lender’s Right
    • Holdover – when tenant stays past lease
    • Parking
    • ADA issues
    • ADA Compliande
    • Right to Cancel Lease: tenant and/or landlord
    • Tenant has 1st Right of Refusal?
    • Size of tenant space
    • Age of space
    • Last modified
    • Dimension: W x H x L
    • Location of space
    • Tenant Age Income
    • Rent/Sqft
    • When rent Increases/decreases
    • CAM/Sqft
    • Re Tax/Sqft
    • Mktg/Sqft
    • Uplifting Allowence – for new tenant/ cost to set up
    • Tenant Mix
    • Required hours of operations
    • Required Days of operation
    • Landlord strength
    • Length of lease
    • Lease Guarantee

    -         Who guaranties if tenant do not pay

    • Tenant HH (household) income
    • NNN (Triple net) in rent/sqft


    attykenavelino@gmail.com (Administrator) Commercial Real Estate Leases Wed, 15 Sep 2010 07:07:13 +0000
    Real Estate Transactions http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/53-real-estate-transactions http://avelinolawfirm.com/index.php/real-estate-law/41-real-estate-transactions/53-real-estate-transactions Real Estate Transactions

    Considering the high-impact ramifications of buying and selling commercial real estate, clients expect and receive sound legal advice before closing a deal. Clients can be confident that they are well-protected from future litigation worries. We have expertise in negotiating, drafting and revising sales contracts, and reviewing title issues, financing and closing documents to ensure a smooth commercial property closing.

    We represent buyers and sellers of shopping centers, apartment buildings, office buildings around the country. We are experienced in negotiating and documenting commercial, office, and subleases.

    • Acquisitions
    • Financing and Refinancing
    • Loans and Equity Investments
    • Large-Scale Leases and Subleases
    • Shopping Center and Residential Real Estate Transactions
    attykenavelino@gmail.com (Administrator) Real Estate Transactions Tue, 14 Sep 2010 19:28:53 +0000